Bill C-571 – REMINDER!

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Please remember to keep contacting your MP with the facts about horse slaughter.  It will soon be time for MP Atamanenko to have Bill C-571 debated a second time.  The next couple of weeks are crucial because soon after the second debate, the House will vote on whether  the bill goes forward or dies.

LPN holding pen 11-Jul-11Passing 571 will put an end to slaughter for the vast majority of horses who suffer that fate currently.   With so few being eligible for slaughter this could effectively end the industry in Canada.

With MP Atamanenko retiring next year action now is criticalas there hasn’t been any other MP who has come forward to champion for horses at risk.

This is the first and likely the last Canadian legislation going before the House for a very long time that actually addresses this issue!

Once this last hour of debate is over, there will be…

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Updated – Canadian Horse Slaughter Influences & Enablers 2014


horsemeat-copy2 Written by:  Heather Clemenceau

This infographic (downloadable here),  updated over my original 2012 version, exposes the hand-shaking and back-patting relationships, endorsements, and interconnectivity between the US and Canada. 

We can clearly see the tentacles of the Bill DesBarres’ Horse “Welfare” Association of Canada extending themselves into the breed associations,  farming groups,  Big Pharma, veterinary colleges and associations, and Equine Canada.  By way of the lobbyists in the IEBA,  we are influenced by Big Ag,  Dow and Monsanto,  Humanewatch and other organizations that not only advocate for horse slaughter,  but advocate for GMOs and against the EPA and indeed consumers in general. The Co-Chair position previously held by Sue Wallis is of course vacant, and it’s unknown whether the IEBA itself is actually a going concern., like so many of Wallis’ transitory slaughter groups. We’re unsure whether anyone has or will step into the position, as Sue Wallis was…

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